Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crocodile tears.

So this Christmas is going to be a tough one on us, economically speaking. This is the first year we're not giving much presents. Maybe one per person? but, no worries, I will get some things for my close friends. : ) So I realized that this Friday is Amy's pre-Christmas thing.... but my family planned to go to Balboa that weekend. so idk if I could make it! : ( Is there any chance of.. rescheduling? = ( I'm soooo sorry!

so I watched Wanted last night. Thank goodness for blu ray. <3 anyways, it was amazing. I really liked it! Kind of disturbingly grotesque though. It's okay : ) James McAvoy's really cute. Unfortunately, my ideal grandfather, Morgan Freeman, was the bad guy and I hated his character! One more week. Just one more. It's okay, I'll make it. I bet you it's going to be one hard fucking week. I could just smell the many tests and quizzes.

I want to sympathize for you, but I really, honestly can't.

I was surprisingly really bummed out over that. i just want to rub it in your face that he doesnt really want to go with you.. but I won't.

K, honestly guys.. I don't really like it when you ask about what I blog about. lol, i know I make things unclear, but I could understand it. But, KQ, you could ask me.. cause you always do anyways : )

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Jennifer Anne Minnie<3 said...

Hey Victoria! =) It's mmminnie.


Hahaha, just kidding. I really miss you gorgeous!<3