Saturday, December 6, 2008


I did the shadiest thing in the world! I feel horrible : ( When you told me you were going to ask him to formal, it did not process in my brain till yesterday!! I FEEL SO INCONSIDERATE! = ( donttttt even worry about it, 'cause I won't ask him! you go for it! I'm so sorry!

P's birthday was okay : ) I was so full after 2 damn slices. Man, all I was thinking about was my precious $16 bucks... Oh well. It was his night so it's kaaay. Highlights: a highly embarrassing pizookie accident : ) (amy!) , my "date" with hao, another highly embarrassing accident (but with water this time ahem-hao-ahem), and I can't remember any other "happenings".

so, kristine might not be able to come down for formal = ( I only wanted to go because she was supposed to! Siigh, it's 'kay. we shall save up for prom. Kristine! I miss ya! I NEED YOU TO COME DOWN TO SAVE ME FROM A CERTAIN PERSON. I know that if you're here, you wouldn't let me hang out with that person. (I swears, we need a code name)

you're annoying to me. I can't handle you anymore!
you're obsessed. chilllll a bit, yeah?
can't you tell?

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