Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Eversince Monday, I've been eating such unhealthy things: chips, ice cream, cup o' noodles (I EVEN TRIED THE CHEDDER CHEESE FLAVORED ONE...), chocolate bars, cookies, pasta, etc. I ate a Hershey Cookies and Milk bar at 1:30 am this morning! Steph was here since Sunday and we just pigged out to celebrate winter break, but I think we should stop before we go back to school with 10 lbs in our butts and thighs. Yesterday at 3pm, we fell into a food coma and slept for 2 hours. How unhealthy is that? So we went walking at 5 around my neighborhood and tried looking for cute boys, but I don't think they were home... either that or I live in a complex with old people. So, Get Smart is one funny flick. I recommend it to all. I love Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway!!

So I have to get started with my Christmas gifts; I'm so behind.

I love Kristine and Stephanie T. :)

Do you ever get the feeling that you sincerely want to move on but you're stuck in this tar pit? Why is that? I wonder if I honestly want to move on or if I'm just telling myself to do so.

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Jennifer Anne Minnie<3 said...

Merry Christmas Eve Victoria =)

Unhealthy junk & food coma is the best thing ever! Hahaha

Mmm, my look on your question, I personally think that you don't want to move on, like from your heart. Even though your mind probably tells you to move on and you try believe and convince yourself it's for the better, but deep down you don't want to give up because it's everything you really want. That's just my insight on how it is. I hope this somehow relates to what you're talking about =)